our mission

At AAC, we believe chiropractic is essential to thinking, feeling, and performing at your best. Your body has an innate ability to heal without the use of costly drugs or surgery.


Our mission is to enable that healing by providing care that is personalized for your needs. We are committed to giving you the safest, most effective course to a healthier life.

As part of a regular health regimen, adjustments are highly effective in treating and also preventing herniations, disc degeneration, arthritis, sciatica, and chronic pain. Our patients see dramatic improvements in these areas, including relief  from numbness, aches/pains, headaches, vertigo, seizures, and other symptoms.

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MEET Dr. Cale Ashlock

Dr. Cale Ashlock is a board-certified chiropractor and owner of Active Approach Chiropractic. His mission is to support better health and wellness in his hometown of Tulsa and beyond. Dr. Ashlock believes in treating underlying problems (not just symptoms), and he is committed to helping patients reach their best quality of health and life.

Spine health is essential for a high quality of life. When your spine is misaligned, your brain cannot effectively communicate with your body to enable proper function.

We identify areas of stress and restore movement to your spine to improve overall function.



Chiropractic adjustments

restore motion to the spine, which enhances your ability to think, heal, and perform. 

Dr. Ashlock applies a specific, controlled movement to a joint to relieve pressure and improve your body's performance.

The body gives you signals when it is misaligned including pain, dizziness, tingling, or poor sleep. Having symptoms isn't normal!


Getting adjusted aligns your spine, so your body can function in a healthier way. We treat issues like arthritis, scoliosis, and sciatica as well as patients looking to relieve pain, stress, and much more.